Whether you are planning a small casual party or a larger, more formal event, Mr. Cecil's California Ribs can provide you with everything from simple delivery to full service catering including on site cooking, servers, tableware and equipment (chafing dishes, bbq grills, etc.).

All of our regular menu items are available to you, or you may choose one of our catering packages which include our most popular menu items and are designed to fit most tastes and budgets. If you have special menu requests we will be happy to design a menu for you.

We offer four levels of catering and we are happy to quote you for any one or all four levels.
Call Amber Miner for a personalized quote 310.546.5400.

1. Pickup (call the store directly, same day available)

2. Delivery (must be arranged in advance)

3. Simple Catering (with servers, chafing dishes etc.)

4. Full Service Catering (with our grill, cooks, servers and chafing dishes)

For simple and full service catering (up to 4,000 people) we require a signed contract and a 50% deposit. An hourly charge per server/cook (Mr. Cecil himself is occasionally available at a rate to be determined) will be applied as well, plus a minimum tip based on number of guests, amount of food and number of servers/cooks, and a catering fee of 20% of the total bill.

If you have special menu requests we will be happy to design a menu for you.

Call our catering manager, Amber Miner, for a personalized quote for options 2, 3 or 4 at 310.546.5400.

Package A Serves 8-10 (approx.). 4 racks Baby Back Ribs, 1 rack Beef Ribs, 2 quarts Baked Beans,
2 quarts Coleslaw,10 pieces Corn Bread $151.50 + tax

Package B Serves 18-21 (approx.). 7 racks Baby Back Ribs, 3 racks Beef Ribs, 4 quarts Baked Beans, 4 quarts Coleslaw, 20 pieces Corn Bread $299.50 + tax

Package C Serves 35-40 (approx.). 12 racks Baby Back Ribs, 7 racks Beef Ribs, 8 quarts Baked Beans , 8 quarts Coleslaw, 40 pieces Corn Bread $582.50 + tax

Package D Serves 75-85 (approx.). 24 racks Baby Back Ribs, 16 racks Beef Ribs, 14 quarts Baked Beans,
14 quarts Coleslaw, 80 pieces Corn Bread $1,155.50 + tax

BBQ Chicken Serves 8-16. 2 whole $50

Hot Links Serves 6-12. 1/2 dozen $41.50

Pork, Beef or Brisket Sandwiches Serves 6-12. 1/2 dozen $41.50

Brisket Serves 8-16. 2 quarts $38.50

Smoked Tri Tip Steak Serves 6-12, $83.70

Vegetable Kabobs Serves 6. 1/2 dozen $30

Grilled Corn Serves 6-12. 1/2 dozen $23

Baked Beans Serves 16-32. 1/2 pan (4 quarts) $52

Coleslaw Serves 16-32. 1/2 pan (4 quarts) $52

Corn Bread Serves 20. 1/2 pan (20 pieces) $36

Annie's Salad Serves 16-24. 1/2 pan (4 quarts) $60

Caesar Salad Serves 8-16. 1/2 pan $35

Wedge Salad Serves 6. 1/2 dozen $22

Dessert Treats (minimum order: 15. 24 hours notice needed)

Brownies $1.65 each

Lemon Triangles $1.65 each

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To place your order or to receive a personalized quote, please call Amber Miner at 310.546.5400.